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Graphite pet portrait drawings

This is how I started my art career and it is still my first love. Just shades of grey, no color to distract from the uniqueness of the individual. The width of a line the deciding factor between a pet portrait drawing being spot on or a near miss. It makes me focus on the important parts. The texture of the fur, the lines inside the iris, the shape the ears or the focus of the eyes.  As you can see, my graphite pet portraits are close to my heart. Capturing the character and personality of every single one of them is so important to me. And Graphite is just a great medium for this. 

Most of my clients chose graphite portraits because they are so extremely photorealistic. Because drawings are not as big as a painting can be, they tend to be displayed on shelves or display tables rather than hung on a wall beside the tv, like a painting could. But that doesn’t say that a drawing wouldn’t look fabulous hanging beside your breakfast table or your favorite chair in the living room. A stunning graphite pet portrait will delight, no matter what.

Go ahead and check out a selection of my drawings right here. And please click on them too, you can find out more about each individual pet by doing so.


graphite pet portrait, Sash, a Boxer drawing by Kathrin Guenther, graphite, dog, canine, art
graphite pet portrait, Puss, a Tabby cat drawing by Kathrin Guenther, art, graphite
graphite pet portrait, Bernese Mountain dog drawing by Kathrin Guenther, graphite, canine, art
graphite pet portrait, dog, drawing, art, canine, Kathrin Guenther
graphite pet portrait, Miniature Schnautzer dogs, drawing by Kathrin Guenther, canine, art, graphit
graphite pet portrait, drawing, graphite, pencil, Kathrin Guenther, art
graphite pet portrait, Amber, a Sheepdog drawing by Kathrin Guenther, graphite, art
graphite pet portrait, Boo, a German Shepherd drawing by Kathrin Guenther, art, canine, graphite
graphite pet portrait, dogs, canine, Kathrin guenther, graphite, drawing, pencil, art