Tabby cat

Tabby cat

“Featured pet” – blog post

A kitty cat drawing of a girl called Puss

Come and meet Puss. Isn’t she just gorgeous, sunning herself on the windowsill? I think so anyway. And her owners definitely thought so too. Puss was diagnosed with Lymphoma and passed away while I worked on her drawing. I had been going through a tough time myself around that time and Puss’ portrait seemed to take forever to complete. Thankfully Leanne and her husband understood and were incredibly patient. Maybe this drawing brought healing to not only them but me as well. Who knows.

The reference photo for this cat drawing was taken with a mobile phone. But thankfully mobiles have improved so much since back in the day. There was a time when I had to refuse photos from mobiles because the image was way too small for me to see what I needed to draw or paint. Puss’ photo was lovely. I could see her character in it already and I knew I could enhance this even further with my art.

This was the response I got from Leanne

Oh Kathrin that’s just amazing! Don’t change a thing, it’s perfect. It looks more like her than the picture I sent you, I don’t know how you did it and the sun on her face is beautiful, that’s how we want to remember her. Thank you so much!

What more could an artist ask for. Puss’ portrait was sprayed with fixative (like I do with all my graphite drawings to prevent smudging) and send to a happy Leanne.

A cat drawing is always special because cats eyes are just mesmerizing. And graphite is such a great medium for fine detail work. I loved every second of it. And if you would like to get your very own cat drawing, just contact me and we can get you your very own portrait.