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Boo , a German Shepherd mix

  In 2008 I had the pleasure to draw this girl first time round. Her owner had won an online auction for a portrait drawing, with the money going to an animal rescue. In August 2013 this gorgeous girl passed away and her owner was deeply saddened by her loss. A mutual...

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Attitude, a brown pelican

Here is attitude Brown pelican painting I absolutely loved the reference photo from the second I saw it. The colors and the attitude of this fellow just made me smile. He is a Brown Pelican. But to me, he has the look of an old headmaster. Or a Library supervisor....

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Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher must surely be one of the most impressive places in Ireland. I visited the cliffs multiple times and yet they never fail to impress me every time anew. The sheer raw beauty of it all is breathtaking. This painting is a commissioned piece by a...

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