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Me and my soulmate Sparky whom I sadly lost in 2015

Finding myself

I discovered my passion for art in 2007 when I fell in love with drawing. My new-found hobby turned quickly into much more than that when the requests for commissions and fundraisers for Animal Rescue raffles came in. Being creative fullfilled a part of me I didn’t know it excisted.
In 2008, I fractured my knee and the months of immobility gave me plenty of time to create art and hone my skills. Fast-forward to now and I am not only drawing but also painting realistic animal portraits. 

Why I paint

My art is for people who love and cherish the uniqueness of their pets. I strongly believe that a painting should really show off the individuality of each animal. Not only capturing the likeness, but also the character of the animal. And I want to bring the possibility of owning art to everyone.
Nobody should have to be happy with a portrait that is “a bit like my dog/cat/horse/…”. I will put all my experience as artist into my work to ensure that you are totally happy.
My work is found in private collections all over Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA and even in Australia.
I became a member of the Lavit Gallery in Cork city in 2014 and my art has hung in the Member Exhibitions there.

My studio buddies Charly and Lexy

A little bit of history

German roots

I was born in East Germany and grew up on a corporate farm near the borderline to the Czech Republic. The historic city of Dresden is about an hour’s drive from me. If you are ever in Germany, I highly recommend a visit to Dresden

As a child, I spend every moment available around the fields and forests surrounding our home. Between the wildlife, the farm animals and our numerous pets, I was constantly surrounded by nature and its creatures. And I loved it!
After I finished my school education, I started an apprenticeship in a shop. However, I felt locked away from the great outdoors and couldn’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

Irish love affair

I always wanted to work with horses and opportunity knocked in 1997 for a job offer in Ireland. Hence I packed my bags and left Germany almost the same week to work with the famous Irish Thoroughbreds. It felt like finally arriving home. Those noble, high spirited yet gentle creatures fascinate and amaze me. Working with them on a day to day basis gives me an insight about the horse world that very few people get a chance to experience.
It inspires my art and fills my head with images and ideas for future work. But not just equine art, but all thing’s nature. You’d be amazed at the wildlife you encounter in the safe heaven of a stud farm.
Thoroughbred foal painting by Kathrin Guenther, foal, running, art, About the artist Discovering the artist in me